About Us

About Us


About Us

Founded by a highly specialist team, AESCU PHARMA is a fast-growing pharmaceutical and healthcare products company in Hongkong. Our company is a branch company of a manufacturing factory in Shandong. We are also Engaged in contract manufacturing, marketing and exporting pharmaceuticals, veterinary, supplement, and medical device for the past years. We provide with more than 1000 products globally. Not limited to our own branded products, we also support our business partners on the manufacture of their brands.

Contribution On Global Health 

Aescu Pharma prioritize the best value and long-term interests for our clients. Working extensively with local distributors, governments and hospitals. Aescu Pharma supplies a wide range of products including Pharmaceuticals, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Medical Device, Supplement. We care for our customers and customize the products and approach based on our in-depth understanding of each niche market.

We deeply understand every step from development, manufacture to sale of our medicines is critical to customers’lives. In the trend of the globalization, we concentrate our resources and manpower on the research and distribution of new treatments and solutions that fulfill the needs of patients. We hope to do our best to make a contribution to the world healthcare industry.
The Major Aspects:

  • Supporting the research and distribution of new medical products.
  • Continuous investigation on the specified market and customizing the healthcare solution to best suit and address the needs.
  • Preventing disease by a variety of vaccines we supply and engage in the local market education.

We have export nearly 25 countries across the global with our product registered in the country include South American, South East Asia and Africa in the regulated and non-regulated marketing.

Supply Chain 

As we are manufacturing, the products we are not produce by ourselves, we will highly selective in choosing our contract manufacturing. Supported by the two local offices from Shijiazhuang, Shandong, we are able to monitor suppliers’performance and address issues in a timely manner. Thus we ensure the material quality and engage in the process from end to end. Asecu Pharma only partners with those who commit to highest standards of HSE (Health, Safety and Environment). All of our contract manufacturing are GMP, USFDA, CE, ISO, Manufacture License, FSC certified.


We offering In-house Quality Control Laboratories and Analytical research laboratories tested health care products, we keep ourselves fully committed to maintain international quality standards for total customer satisfaction.
Supported by the two local offices from Shijiazhuang and Shandong to make sure all the raw materials quality and engage in the process from end to end. They will working with all quality assurance department, a fully autonomous functionality is in place to keep track of each activity, parameters and processes to achieve the quality goal in totality.

Why Aescu Pharma

Aescu Pharma have over 10 years of experience at API industry.
Aescu Pharma have the widest product range include pharmaceutical, veterinary, medical device and supplement.
Aescu Pharma will provide all the transportation service include domestic transportation, sea transportation or combine all of client other supplier goods
Aescu Pharma will provide marketing support such as promotional materials, product promotion pack, CRM system etc.

  • Excellent Quality and Packaging
  • Provide Marketing and IT Support
  • Competitive Price Range
  • Timely Product Delivery
  • Thoughtful Service


The commercial success is not the only thing that Aescu Pharma wants to achieve. We understand what we do can greatly improve patient’s well-being and desire to be a responsible corporate having more positive impact on society. In line with this goal, we focus on customers’ true needs and strive to create an open, responsible and efficient operation environment.
To improve the quality of human life by providing classy and innovative products and at the same time cater to the diverse needs of people in socially and commercially viable manner.
To provide Quality pharmaceuticals which could reach the society far and wide both in the international markets
To become one of the premier organizations in the field of contract manufacturing for pharmaceutical, medical device and to win accolades of our clients for the services rendered.

Our Employee 

People are the foundation of any organizations. In addition to the professionalism and work ethics, we also expect our people to share the same values of the company’s. We care for people and aim to create an open and motivating working culture. In support of employees’ development, we also offer diverse training programs and encourage cross-functional sharing.

Research and development is an important aspect of our business strategies that provides long term competitive advantage. Research areas include novel drug, delivery systems. A team of research, A team of regulatory professionals are involved in dossier preparations for regulated and semi regulated markets

If you interesting in AESCU PHARMA, Please send your inquires to Sales@aescupharma.com

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