Our Quality

In business and manufacturing, quality was defined as being suitable for its intended purpose while satisfying customer expectations. Quality is perceptual, conditional, and some what subjective attribute and maybe understood differently by different people.

Consumers will focus on the specification quality of products, service or how it compares to competitors in the marketplace. So our support employee will measure quality in the degree that a product is reliable, maintainable or sustainable. We will measure the conformance quality, and provide good service to our distributor.In the competitors business, whether it be a physical good or a particular service, all of our goods or services and how they are produced involve may types of procedures, personnel and equipment, which all fall under the quality umbrella. The Key is how we control the whole quality process.


  • Quality Planning: Developing the products, systems, and processes needed to meet or exceed customer expectations. We will according their requirement to produce the products.
  • Quality Assurance: Quality assurance is implemented as a means of providing enough confidence that business requirements and goals for a product will be fulfilled. So we have 3 local office to control all the process without problem through systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, and monitoring of processes.
  • Quality Control: Aescu Pharma confirms that the goods produced meets organizational goals, international standard or products standard such as GMP, ISO, CE etc.
  • Quality Improvement: We will improvement our quality through client evaluation, QC department evaluation and improvement of processes.

Customers recognize that quality is an important attribute in products and services, and Aescu Pharma recognize that quality can be an important differentiator between our offerings and these of competitor. There have the quality gap. We will testing our products to compare with other brand and post the quality report or videos on our website regularly to make sure that client know what’s is our quality and how strict we are for quality control.

Faithfully yours,
Aescu QC Team