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Articulating Paper

Brand: S.Q-Artipaper; For use in dentistry
Specification/Dosage: Red 30um; Blue 50um; blue 100um; Blue 40um
Packaging: 48 pieces /box, 100 pieces/box; 120 pieces/box; Others

S.Q-Artipaper(Articulating Paper) Uses:

Thick articulating paper (eg: 200μm, thickness of 100μm), once compressed, releases the stain to form a blot;
Thin articulating paper (eg 8 μm, thickness of 12 μm) must have sufficient pressure to form a blot.

The occlusal paper is a commonly used tool for marking occlusal contact points during blending work, and is conventionally available in both blue and red. The occlusal contact points fall into two broad categories:
Static – cusp interdigitation (ICP) contact point
Dynamic-functional motion contact point

The beginning of the functional movement is the position where the bite interference point is most likely to occur; the use of thick bite paper for grinding can better eliminate the bite interference. A fast separation of functional movements can be achieved. The print of the thin articulating paper shows a finer print. To achieve even contact
The ICP bit is adjusted and the thickness is gradually thinned, such as: from 200μm/100μm thickness, to 40μm, and finally to 8μm.
Functional movement bite adjustment, ICP position with red thin bite paper (eg 40μm), functional movement with blue thick bite paper (200μm / 100μm thickness)


Certificate: CE, ISO, FSC, Manufacturing License
Manufacturing in China