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Catgut suture

Brand: S.Q-Catture; For surgical operation use
Form: Chromic or Plain
Specification: 6/0, 5/0, 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, 1#, 2#, 3#
Needle: with or without
Length: 45cm; 75cm; 90cm; 150cm
Pacakging: 1 pieces/pouch, 12 pouches/box

S.Q-Catture(Catgut suture) Suture:

The catgut is a line made from the submucosal layer of the small intestine of sheep. This type of thread is made by extracting the fiber from the intestines of the sheep, chemically treating it, twisting it into a thread, and then twisting several strands together. There are two kinds of suture(plain and chrome), which are mostly used for ligation and skin suture. Plain catgut absorption time is short, about 4 to 5 days, and the chrome catgut absorption time is long, about 14 to 21 days. In the catgut line, the tissue reaction is heavier during the absorption process. Human tissue has obvious individual differences in the absorption of the catgut, and the quality of the catgut is also affecting the absorption of human tissue. Excessive use, excessively thick catgut, the inflammatory response of the wound is obvious.
The advantage is that it can be absorbed without foreign matter. Suitable for suturing and ligation of human tissue. Not suitable for cardiovascular and nervous tissue, nor for use when tissue tension is high.


Certificate: CE; ISO
Dossier: Manufacturer License; COA; FSC
Shelf life: 3 years(36 months)
Manufacturers(factory) made in China