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Disposable Sterile Arthroscopy Pack

For Arthroscopy surgery use
Perinaeum including:
Instrument table cover; 140x160cm(Reinforcement 80x160cm); 1 piece
Arthroscopy drape with pouch; 200x300cm; 1 piece
Op-tapes; 10x50cm; 2 pieces
Reinforced Ult.Stitch Surgicall Gown 130x150cm; 2 pieces
Hand Towels 40x40cm, 2 pieces
Bundle Cover, 100x100cm; 1 piece
Mayo Stand Cover; 78x145cm(Reinforcement 70x140cm); 1 piece
Elastic Bandage; 10x150cm; 1 piece
Skin Marker and Ruler; 1 piece
Camera Cover 15x250cm
Stockinet; 40x75cm
Sterile packaging: 1 pack/blister

Certificate: CE, ISO, FSC, Manufacturing License Manufacturing in China