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ketoconazole Cream

Brands: S.Q-Ketzole For dermatologic use
Specification/Dosage: 2%
Packaging: 15g; 20g; 30g

S.Q-Ketzole(ketoconazole) Uses:

Ketoconazole cream is the generic form of the brand-name drug S.Q-Ketzole, a drug indications are used for hand lice, athlete’s foot, body lice, femoral hernia, tinea versicolor and cutaneous candidiasis. This product is a non-prescription drug for dermatology.

Visible stinging or other local irritation, occasional allergic reactions such as itching.

Avoid contact with eyes and other mucous membranes (eg mouth, nose, etc.).
If there is a burning sensation or redness in the medication site, the drug should be discontinued, and the topical drug should be washed and consulted with a doctor if necessary.
Do not use on damaged skin.
Not suitable for large areas.
For patients with femoral hernia, do not wear tight underwear or chemical fiber underwear, and spread the spreading agent when applying external cream (
For athletes with ankles, dry the skin after bath, especially between the toes. Cotton yarn socks should be worn and replaced every day. Shoes should be breathable, spreading spread or anti-fungal powder in the toes, feet, socks and shoes, once or twice a day.
In order to reduce recurrence, it takes at least 2-4 weeks for body lice, tinea corporis and tinea versicolor.
In order to prevent rebound after long-term topical corticosteroid treatment, it is recommended to continue to use small doses of topical corticosteroids in the morning, ketoconazole cream in the evening, and then take 2-3 weeks or more to gradually stop the steroids treatment.

Active Ingredients: ketoconazole 2%
Standard: USP, BP, CP
Dossier: ACTD/CTD or According client requirement
Shelf life: 3 years(36 months)