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Ligature Wire(Orthodontic ligation)

Brand: SQ-Ligare; For use in dentistry
Specification/Dosage: 20g; 0.2mm/0.25mm/0.3mm/0.4mm
Packaging: 1 roll /box, Others

SQ-Ligare(Ligature Instrument Wire) Uses:

The surface should be smooth and free of burrs, and a knot is allowed in each of the ligation wires;
The tensile strength should be 588MPa-882MPa, and the delivery state should be soft.
Elongation after break: ≥30%;
Good corrosion resistance;
Surface roughness Ra should be no more than 1.6μm
Product Scope For the treatment of dental malformation or ligation in fracture surgery.

Certificate: CE, ISO, FSC, Manufacturing License
Manufacturing in China