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Methyl Amphetamine(MET)

Brand: S.Q-Blink For drug Diagnostic Test
Specification: Strip; Cassette
Specimen: Urine
Packaging: 100 strips/box, 100 strips + 100 urine cups/box, 50 strips/box, 50 strips+ 50 urine cups/box, 25 strips + 25 urine cups/box, 50 cassettes/box, 25 cassettes/box, 25 cassettes + 25 urine cups/box, 1 cassette/box, 1 cassette + 1 urine cup/box, Others

S.Q-Blink(Methyl Amphetamine test) Uses:

Fast – the results will be known within -3-8 minutes.
Convenient—In-situ detection of urine, the product does not need to be transported by refrigeration. The interpretation results were only negative and positive. Regardless of the results, it is proved whether the test subject smoked methamphetamine, diarrhea, and pectin methyl amphetamine drugs for at least 72 hours.
Accurate—produced by colloidal gold method (gold standard method). Detection threshold: 1000 ng.

1. There may be false positive results when the drugs are affected by cold medicines or anti-inflammatory drugs.
2, the direct effect of alcohol interferes with the test results to a large extent. However, the human body drinks alcohol and is not disturbed after being metabolized into urine.

The chemical name of ice poison: methyl amphetamine or methamphetamine, also known as methamphetamine, commonly known as “ice”. It is a psychotropic drug with sympathetic excitation.
After taking it, it will lead to increased excitement of the central nervous system, resulting in abnormal euphoria, increased sensitivity, and conscious energy, heart rate and rapid breathing. It is prone to tolerance and dependence after long-term or large doses. About 40% of methamphetamine will still be excreted directly from the body of methamphetamine when taken. Therefore, the appearance of these related compounds in the urine indicates that methamphetamine has been used.

Certificate: CE, ISO, FSC
Shelf life: 3 years(36 months)
Manufacturing made in China