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Ovulation(LH) Test Kit

Brand: S.Q-Blink For Ovulation Diagnostic Test
Specification: Strip; Cassette; Midstream
Specimen: Urine
Sensitivity: 25mIU/ml
Packaging: 100 strips/box, 100 strips + 100 urine cups/box, 50 strips/box, 50 strips+ 50 urine cups/box, 25 strips + 25 urine cups/box, 50 cassettes/box, 25 cassettes/box, 25 cassettes + 25 urine cups/box, 1 cassette/box, 1 cassette + 1 urine cup/box, 25 midstreams/box, 1 midstream/box, Others

S.Q-Blink(Ovulation test) Uses:

Ovulation test strips predict the ovulation by detecting the peak level of luteinizing hormone (LH). It can be used to qualitatively detect luteinizing hormone (LH) in human urine, thereby determining the “safety period” in ovulation time and women’s menstrual cycle, and achieving the goal of selecting the best time for conception or using “safe period” contraception.


Certificate: USFDA, CE, ISO, FSC
Shelf life: 3 years(36 months)
Manufacturing made in China