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Oxygen Mask(Simple Oxygen Mask)

Size: Infant(XS),S(Pediatric Standard),M(Pediatric Elongated ),L(Adult Asia Standard),L3(Adult Europe Standard),XL(Adult Elongated )
Medium concentration
Elastic strap
Adjustable nose clip
2m oxygen tubing
Packing: 1 pieces/PE bag

S.Q-Oxymask(Oxygen Mask):

The oxygen mask provides a means of transferring the oxygen needed for breathing from the tank to the lungs of the human body. There are mainly medical oxygen masks, aviation oxygen masks, and oxygen masks used by aviation passengers, which play an important role in treating diseases, protecting passengers and pilot safety. Mainly made of plastic, silicone, or rubber. The product consists of mask and oxygen tube, which is used for breathing difficulties. Oxygen-deficient patients use oxygen. It is a one-time use product, packaged in independent PE bag, can be sterilized by ethylene oxide, medical grade PVC material, transparent appearance, soft and comfortable. Mask adjustable nose and elastic band