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Patient Identification Band

Brand: S.Q-IDband; For identify special people use
Form: Adult; Child
Packaging: 100 pieces/bag; 100 pieces/box

S.Q-IDband (Patient Identification Band) Use:

The patient’s wrist band, medical wristband, maternal and child identification tape, and barcode wristband are collectively referred to as one-time identification tapes, which are mainly effective tools for managers to identify special people, such as hospital identification of patients, identification of entertainment venues, etc. .
This type of identification tape is widely used in hospitals, playgrounds, exhibition halls, etc., and can produce various colors and printed LOGO according to customer requirements.
All kinds of identification belts on the market are simple to use, the buttons are firm, not easy to fall off, comfortable to wear, diverse in color, novel in appearance and beautiful in appearance, and are deeply admired by people.

Certificate: CE; ISO
Dossier: Manufacturer License; COA; FSC
Shelf life: 3 years(36 months)
Manufacturers(factory) made in China