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Piroxicam Capsules

Brands: S.Q-Pircam;Oral Preparation;Drug Class: NSAIDs
Specification/Dosage: 20mg
Packaging: 10 capsules x 1 blister/box, 10 capsules x 2 blister/box; Others

S.Q-Pircam(Piroxicam) Uses:

Piroxicam capsules is the generic form of the brand-name drug S.Q-Pircam, a drug treatment for alleviating the pain and swelling of various arthritis and soft tissue lesions.

Side effect:

  • Gastrointestinal adverse reactions such as nausea, stomach pain, nausea and dyspepsia were the most common, and 3.5% required withdrawal. The incidence of gastric ulcer was significantly higher when the dose was greater than 20 mg per day, and some of them were associated with bleeding and even perforation.
  • Neurite neutropenia, eosinophilia, increased blood urea nitrogen, dizziness, dizziness, tinnitus, headache, general weakness, edema, rash, or pruritus, the incidence of 1% to 3%.
  • Abnormalities of liver function, thrombocytopenia, hyperhidrosis, skin ecchymosis, desquamation, erythema multiforme, necrosis of toxic epithelium, bullous erythema multiforme (Stevens-Johnson syndrome), skin photosensitivity, blurred vision, eyes Department of redness, hypertension, hematuria, hypoglycemia, mental depression, insomnia and mental stress, etc., the incidence of <1%.


  • Cross allergies. Patients who are allergic to aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may also be allergic to this product.
  • After meals or with food or antacids to reduce gastrointestinal irritation.
  • When the daily amount exceeds 20mg, the risk of gastrointestinal ulcers increases significantly
  • It is generally difficult to achieve a stable plasma concentration 7 to 12 days after the start of the administration. Therefore, the evaluation of the therapeutic effect is usually 2 weeks after the administration of the drug.
  • If any allergic reaction, abnormal blood, blurred vision, mental symptoms, water retention, and severe gastrointestinal reactions occur during drug use, the drug should be discontinued immediately.
  • In case of excessive poisoning, induce vomiting or gastric lavage and support and symptomatic treatment.


  • When drinking alcohol or serving with other anti-inflammatory drugs, the gastrointestinal adverse reactions increase.
  • When used with anticoagulants such as dicoumarol, the latter has an enhanced effect, bleeding tendency is significant, and the dosage should be adjusted.
  • When used with aspirin, the blood concentration of this product can be reduced to 80% of the general concentration, and the risk of gastrointestinal ulcer formation and bleeding tendency is increased.

Other Information

  • Active Ingredients: Piroxicam 20mg
  • Standard: USP, BP,CP
  • Dossier: ACTD, CTD or According client requirement
  • Shelf life: 3 years(36 months)