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Temporary Stoppings

brand: SQ-Tempry(; For use in dentistry
Specification/Dosage: 100g;
Packaging: 20 pieces/box, Others

SQ-Tempry(Temporary Stoppings Uses:

It is made up of Malaysian gum, zinc oxide, white beeswax, lithopone and double fly powder. It is used for stomatal cavity sealing in dental root canal treatment.
Uniform material, consistent color, good viscosity, water dissolution of no more than 1.5%, adhesion >20g/cm
The main technical indicators of the product: cylindrical, uniform color. Appropriate plasticity sometimes occurs after heating on an alcohol lamp. Arsenic content ≤ 2mg / kg. The lead content does not exceed 100mk/kg. The nitrogen element is less than 0.3%. The initial number of contaminating bacteria is ≤1000 cfg/g.