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Zinc Phosphate Cement

Brand: SQ-ZPC; Zinc Phosphate Cement; For use in dentistry
Specification/Dosage: Powder 30g + Liquid 15ml
Packaging: 1 bottle powder + 1 bottle liquid/box, 3 bottle powder + 3 bottle liquid/box, Others

SQ-ZPC (Zinc Phosphate Cement) Uses:

Zinc phosphate cement is the generic name of the brand name SQ-ZPC,  The main component is an aqueous solution of phosphoric acid. Curing reaction When the powder is mixed, the reaction produces zinc phosphate which is not water-contained, and the reaction is exothermic with volume shrinkage. The ratio of powder to liquid is high, and the temperature is high, the solidification speed is fast, and conversely, the solidification speed is slow. Clinically, blending on thick glass plates can extend their working time.
Bonding performance is represented by physical and mechanical bonding. The bonding strength is higher than ZOE and can be used for permanent bonding of crown bridges. Mechanical properties The brittleness is large and the compressive strength is greater than the tensile strength, so it is more advantageous for the bottom of the substrate than for the bonding.
Mainly used for oral cementing and filling of substrates

Certificate: CE, ISO, FSC, Manufacturing License
Shelf life: 2 years(24 months)